‘’From the essence of Sokoto’s Glorious History, we are building a peaceful and prosperous future for this generation and generations to come’’
Faruk Yabo

We are going to respect our religious and social values and at the same time we are going to provide all the necessary support for these values to continue to thrive. We are also going to respect the rights of others to worship. Our growth strategy will strictly follow the ethical path and it will be in conformity with the dictates of our religion.

Agriculture remains our greatest economic strength, considering the abundant arable land available in our state. On the basis of this, we shall transform our agricultural policy to migrate from subsistence farming to mechanize and large scale commercial farming. We are going to subsidized inputs and implements as well as provide financial support to achieve this.

When I secure your mandate to serve as the Chief Security Officer of Sokoto state, we are going to work with all security agencies in the state to develop a robust security patrol apparatus that will combat crime and criminal activities, involving community intelligence gathering mechanism.  Financial support and Technology will be provided to these agencies towards creating a crime free society. These we have done in the past when I was commissioner for local government and community development on the basis of which we received commendations from the Department of State Service (DSS).

Our track record on the efficient and effective delivery of Primary Health Care will be used to expand the outreach.  Technology will be deployed to fast track service delivery, medical data generation and tele consultancy.

Our vision for education remains unparalleled.  We are going to put great emphasis in providing free basic and secondary education for all as well as providing scholarships to students in tertiary institutions.  Our focus will be to link education with existing employment gaps.  Together with parents, teachers, students and related industries we shall create employment opportunities for these students when they graduate.  The incentive arrangement for teachers and supporting staff will be reviewed upward to motivate them further to deliver on this vision.

Our job creation model will be transformed to integrate public and private sector employment mechanisms, as well as connecting the informal sector employment to form one seamless portal.  In addition to this integration, we are going to form a special department whose task will be to harmonize the multi sectoral employment index.  By doing this, we are guaranteeing the employment ratio growth and at the same time protecting employees from indiscriminate sack.

We have designed simple functional entrepreneurship programs for women in the past but was truncated by the current administration.  We shall reconstruct that and we are determined to regain the speed lost in this vital sector.

The success of our previous Primary Health Care Program for rural women generated unprecedented global recognition from USAID to Millennium Development Goals Agencies. This will be restored and will be sustained reflecting new emerging dynamics.

Local Governments will be given the free hand to operate, they will be guided and regulated within the confines of the law to perform their duties effectively.

Our perspective on how to stimulate economic growth is to harness the local economic potentials of the state be it human capital or natural resources to existing global opportunities.  We shall unlock the potentials of young people and match such potentials with viable opportunities.

We are currently in deficit of critical infrastructure.  Our vision on the provision of critical infrastructure can be linked to our previous track record.  Infrastructure will be provided equitably and one that can stand the test of time.

Motivated and professionally trained civil servants and bureaucracy represent the nucleus of effective and efficient service delivery. We shall put emphasis on their welfare and input in order to deliver our promises to the electorates.  We   will remain consistent in the payment of their salaries, gratuities and pensions. Their sectoral competence will be promoted to achieve our positive policy objectives.

From our history, heritage and the abundant tourism potentials, Sokoto will be back on the world tourism map.  We are going to upgrade and modernize our existing tourism infrastructure and create new ones to boost our economy and for immediate employment generation.

The entire vision will be driven by state of the art technological platforms that will make work more effective and seamless while allowing citizens to participate by providing feedbacks to keep government abreast of issues affecting them. Technology will be deployed to fast track the crystallization of our vision for Agriculture, Health, Education, Job Creation, Economy and Infrastructure nexus.